Health And Safety

Even before we started manufacturing the carrier we had all the components tested in renowned testing labs. Now we can be sure to present you and your child with an absolutely safe product.


Chemical safety

Our priority when choosing materials for the manufacture of the carrier was their chemical safety. Small babies like to suck on the shoulder straps and we took pains to ensure that the material is safe and you need not have any health concerns during the carrying of your child.

Both outer designer cloth and black lining cloth have been tested by the Czech Textile Testing Institute (Textilní zkušební ústav) and fulfil the Czech regulatory norm 84/2001 SB. for fabrics for children up to three years.

These tests are designed to discover harmful chemicals in the fabric and their gradual release in contact with sweat and saliva. They also test the fastness of the colours used in the fabric.

The carrier also underwent tests in TÜV laboratories according to the European norm for cloth baby carriers.


Mechanical safety

Another very important safety concern is the carrier’s safety regarding its design, construction and properties. The carrier has been tested according to the European norm for baby carriers EN 13209-2:2005 in the TÜV Süd laboratories, which is a leading company in testing the safety of consumer products. The carrier successfully passed all tests.

The carrier passed stress tests of its plastic buckles, straps and seams. The possibility of biting through the fabric to the filling or loosening of small parts was eliminated. There are also no straps that the child could accidentally strangle themselves with. The carrier was required to have sufficient head support for the smallest babies and prove that it is impossible for the baby to fall through any of the openings. There were also tests of flammability of the materials and shape stability after washing and regular maintenance.





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