The supply of boxes is running low, so we ordered new ones...

We knew ahead of time that we wanted a completely different style - a plain brown box.

It's greener, more economical and more practical. We wanted a clean box that didn't say the recommended range, which then has to be relabelled in the case of other models where the information differs.

With the vision that we would always cover the plain brown box with a sticker with information that relates specifically to the model that will be inside, we started looking at different options for producing them. The prices of boxes and paper in general have increased many times since the COVID-19 pandemic, so it was clear that we would be looking for multiple offers so that the price, which in the end is reflected in the price of the product, would not be higher (or at least not by that much) than the last delivery.

And we found the perfect solution where we specified the type of box, the material, the colour... and then it came to the possibility of printing, at least the basic information that is the same for all carriers - logo, manufacturer, maintenance, information required by the standard... suddenly the box was printed and the only thing that should be different was the information about the model name and the recommended period. And yet we're not going to stick it on, the white sticker on the brown box will just shine right through (just stick the design of the carrier).

So we created checkboxes and added the model names and specifications. And because we've been flirting with the idea of different add-ons for a long time, we've added straight to the material the options we're planning for the future.

In the end there will be no "relabeling"... we hope :)

But it wouldn't be life if there wasn't a mistake... instead of brown boxes arrived white boxes with slightly different dimensions, so we are looking forward to the second, corrected batch, where one more model, which we are currently working on, will be added. But that's for another time ;-)