A baby carrier is a gadget that is most needed at a time when the family budget can be a little tight due to the not-so-high parental allowance. That's why (even though you're picking an item that is needed and will stay with you for a while) it's a significant investment at the time. If mum can't breastfeed and is reliant on buying artificial milk this is doubly true.

Plus, we hear it everywhere these days... prices of everything are going up. It's the same with the input materials for the carriers.

The pressure on price is coming from all sides, and we decided to left away the typical KiBi style and create a model where the price is knocked down to the marrow. In working terms we've called this model "economy".


There were a few points we took into consideration when creating it:

  1. The carrier needed to be easy to sew (because time is money).
  2.  Any bit of leftover material has to go (because every penny counts, especially when the state bites into it with its VAT).
  3. Save material, but the carrier still needs to be user-friendly (hence the double-sided buckles on the shoulder straps and elastic bands for rolling).
  4. It still needs to be able to adjust to shorter mums but also tall dads.
  5. It needs to cover most of the wearing period (because it's an investment, so make it worthwhile).


The result is the SIMPLE model.

Simple, functional, covers most wearing periods and still reasonably priced 😉.