We recently ran out of a few patterns, so we picked up some new patterns when we reordered fabric :)

It's a try, we'll see how the new patterns go, so for now only one roll of each pattern has been ordered and will be reordered eventually.

The "Grey Thistle" is a bet on the neutral, much-loved grey, but with a complementary yellow colour adding pizzazz.

We were primarily trying to find a replacement for B&W Happa, which can no longer be purchased, but the Happa pattern was so perfect (as evidenced even by its sales in both colors) that nothing could satisfy us enough. In the end, however, we did select 2 patterns that we hope will find their takers.

Unfortunately, B&W Happa is completely absent from this batch and we bought out the last few dozen meteres of Blue Happa. So we have some stock, but even that will run out sooner or later and we will look for an adequate replacement.

The fabrics will now be cut and as soon as will be time, samples will be sewn, a photo gallery will be made and they will go on sale. The hardest part will be coming up with names again :)