The babywearing cover is a simple and practical helper that keeps babies and even older children warm as they are being carried. There is no need to wear a special sweatshirt or jacket; simply wrap your baby in the cover and you can wear your regular sweatshirt. More

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The KiBi fleece babywearing cover is sufficiently large and can be used by newborns and children up to the age of 3.

Thanks to the spacious and wide cut, the legs of even older children remain covered. A unique design in the lower corners of the cover ensure that feet always stay warm in the cover, even with livelier and kicking children.

The cover can be adjusted for smaller children using the laces sewn into the hem of the cover.

The cover is sewn from warm, heavy-weight fleece. The material is extremely light, pleasant and warm.

The material is doubled in the back for warming the hands of the person carrying the child and can also be used to hold necessary items.

Sewn-in reflective strips are a safety feature for colder and darker times of the year.

The cover also includes a hood for the child. A pull string in the hood makes it possible to adjust to the child’s head size.

If you wear your baby in baby wrap, the KiBi cover is fastened using straps that cross behind the back. It is not necessary to tie another knot, as the straps are fastened into plastic buckles and you can tighten them simply as needed. If you wear an ergonomic carrier, you can attach the cover to the carrier with short straps wrapped around the shoulder straps of the carrier and fastened with snaps. This makes using the cover even easier.

You can also use the fleece cover as a blanket in your pram or to cover your car seat.

You can buy a softshell outer cover for the fleece cover and snap them together for the winter, this creating a double-layer cover that is very warm and wind- and waterproof to keep you child comfy even in the cold.

We sew the covers for you in our own workshop in east Bohemia.

Material: 100% polyester.

Maintenance: Machine wash delicate at 30 °C; do not dry in a dryer, do not bleach, dry clean or iron.

Made in the Czech Republic.