Newborn Night Stars inverse - waist belt type: soft waist belt filling

Soft structured full-wrap baby carrier growing with your child from newborns (3,5 kg) up to 2-2,5 years. Material: 100% cotton.
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Soft structured full-wrap baby carrier growing with your child from newborns (3,5 kg) up to 2-2,5 years. Material: 100% cotton.
+ teething drool pads included More

Product code: NEW_NightStarsInShipping and Payment

KiBi is a Czech growing soft structured carrier. The NEWBORN model is designed for carrying babies from newborns (min. 3,5 kg) to 2-2,5 years (from approx. size 50/56 to 86/92) with max. load 15 kg.

The patented design comes from the Czech Republic, the carrier is sewn in a Czech sewing manufactury using as many Czech or EU materials as possible.

The carrier is designed in a way that promotes healthy posture for babies and toddlers and is very versatile, in that it grows with your baby. You can adjust it for small or tall babies while keeping them very comfortable.

The higher sturdy padded waist belt provides support for the postpartum tummy, sufficiently long straps ensure comfort and spread the baby's weight by crossing behind the back. The headrest ensures a peaceful sleep for older children and will serve as head support for small babies in the beginning.

But it also has a few enhancements that will make you enjoy wearing it even more:

1. The ability to adjust the width of the backrest at the buttocks and feet
Small babies should be gently positioned in the carrier, with their legs apart and their knees higher than their bottom ("M position"). This is helped by a support that always reaches below the baby's knees. As the baby grows, you can use the buttons to adjust the width of the fabric under the baby's legs so the baby does not "grow out" of the carrier so fast.

At the narrowest setting, the support under the legs is about 20 cm wide along the waist belt, but you must allow for the baby's bottom, which will stretch the fabric after positiong the baby.

In the widest setting then 39 cm along the waist belt, 42 cm between the tops of the padding under the child's legs (over the seams forming a pocket for the buttom of the baby 40 cm).

2. The height of the backrest can be infinitely adjusted
At the top, the backrest is loosely attached to the shoulder straps - this allows it to be pulled up or down continuously according to the actual need. If the baby falls asleep, you simply pull the backrest up to the top of the head to secure it against sudden recline. If you want, you can also secure the head by rolling up the hood and stretching the straps in the strap with eyelets on the shoulder strap, where you snap it.

The backrest can be secured at the desired height using the sewn-in carabiners. The minimum height of the backrest is approx. 32 cm, the maximum approx. 52 cm.

3. It is designed to be worn on in the front and on the back.

Of course, if you are interested, older children can also be worn on the side, but it is important to keep in mind that tying the straps can be more complicated.

4. The carrier is also comfortable for the wearer. It's designed to adjust to tiny moms and burly dads. The shoulder straps are long enough to be tied by mothers with dress size 44-48. The waist belt can be tightened to a smallest circumference of approx. 58 cm and the maximum waist circumference is 135 cm. Thanks to the ergonomically shaped waist belt, the carrier easily adapts to your body shape.

To secure the head of sleeping toddlers, a headrest made of wrap fabric is provided. The headrest can be rolled up and carried in the inner pocket at the top of the backrest or left hanging loose and used as a shade in the summer months. For small babies in the beginning, together with the back support, it serves as a head support.

The safety and health of children have been given great importance in the manufacture of the carrier. All materials have been tested for the presence of chemicals and comply with Decree No. 84/2001 Coll. - safety for children under 3 years of age.

The functionality of the carrier and chemical safety complies with the current standard for soft structured carriers EN 13209-2:2015.

Maximum load 15 kg.

Material: 100% cotton

Maintenance: Wash before first use. Do not use a pillow case. Machine washable at 30 ° C - gentle program, do not tumble dry, iron low, do not bleach.

*Gentle washing tip here.

Brief instruction booklet in each packing included.

Made in Czech Republic, EU. Construction patented.