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Adporto s.r.o.
Billing address: Syrovátka 156, 503 27, Syrovátka
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www.kibibabycarrier.eu, info@kibibabycarrier.eu

This trading conditions apply to the business relations between company Adporto s.r.o. and customers, which are visiting e-shop kibibabycarrier.eu.



To place an order, simply click the “Add to Cart” button next to the product and then fill in the order form. If you are using on-line payment by card you will be redirected to a secure online payment page. After you submit the order through our website (or complete on-line payment by card and being redirected back to our site), our computer system emails you a confirmation of your order and your order is valid.

All prices are final prices with VAT in EUR and are valid in time of order. Special offers or discounts are always valid within a certain period of time. Postage is shown separately. Lets see Postage paragraph.

There is no minimal order value.

We ship only to EU countries (except of Malta, Cyprus, EU oversea departments and countries we have exclusive distributors).



Bank payment to our bank account (EUR):
IBAN: CZ7220100000002500661509

Please enter the order number you get in the confirmation email from us as transfer title.
All prices are in EUR.



We dispatch your order the following working day of receiveing cleared payment. Please note that your order will be dispatched as soon as we receive cleared payment.

It usually takes parcel 2-6 working days to reach you.
If you have not received your order within 10 days, please email us -- info@kibibabycarrier.eu.

If dispatch of your order is delayed for any reason we will contact you with an estimated delivery date. If you do not want to wait, we will refund you instead.


Right of Cancellation

You have the right to cancel your order within 14 working days. This period begins on the day when you receive your purchase. If you wish to cancel the order, please email us on info@kibibabycarrier.eu, write letter or send goods back on adress:

Adporto s.r.o.
Syrovátka 156
503 27 Syrovátka
Czech Republic

Goods should be in their original condition and packaging. Please, send us invoice too. If there will be some damage on carrier which will be not able to sell as new, we can reasonable reduce refund amount. We will refund money within 30 days. Notice, that although you have a right of refund, you will have to pay the postage costs of shipping goods back to us.



The standard warranty period according to Czech law is 24 months, unless specified differently in the catalogue of www.kibibabycarrier.eu or on the invoice. The warranty period starts on the day the product reaches the buyer and can be extended by the period that the product has spent in warranty repairs. If the faulty product was replaced a new warranty period applies.
The warranty covers manufacturing or other faults that were not caused by:
- using the product in a way that is not intended by its maker, using it in a way contrary to the conditions specified in the instruction manual or using it for a different purpose than specified by its maker
- mechanical damage
- natural disasters, fire, water or other acts of God.

The customer is obliged to inspect the goods as soon as he receive it and to immediately inform the seller about any defects/mechanical damage, otherwise is not possible to apply the warranty. 

See below for instructions on warranty proceedings.

If there is a fault with the product, the buyer has following rights depending on the nature of the fault:

- in case of a repairable fault the buyer has the right to proper and timely repair of the product, the right to exchange the product or a faulty part if it is not disproportionate to the nature of the fault. If this course of action is impossible, the buyer has the right to a proportionate discount on the price of the product or to withdraw from the contract.

- in case of an irreparable fault that renders the product impossible to use for its intended purpose, the buyer has the right to receive a replacement product or to withdraw from the contract. The buyer has the same rights when:

- the fault is repairable, however, it is impossible to use the product for its intended purpose because of the fault’s recurrence or a larger amount of faults. The fault can be considered recurrent if the product has been sent to be repaired with the same fault within the warranty period at least twice before. The phrase “larger amount of faults” is understood as the product having at least three faults which simultaneously prevent its intended use.

- if the faults are irreparable and the buyer does not require replacement of the product, then the buyer has the right to receive a proportionate discount from the price or to withdraw from the contract.

Warranty does not apply in the following cases:
- if the fault occurred due to the product being used contrary to its intended purpose, contrary to the instruction manual or due to other misuse of the product by the buyer

- verifiable unauthorized interference with the product

- if the invoice shows signs of tampering with the data or the product is not in accordance with its description on the invoice

- in case of faults occurring due to normal usage of the product after the set warranty period

- in case of faults occurring due to natural phenomena or acts of God

The warranty claim will be accepted under these conditions:
- the product is faulty (the buyer will send the product to the vendor’s address (see below)

- the fault occurred within the warranty period

- the buyer is able to prove that they have purchased the product from the vendor (and the invoice is satisfactory)

If one or more of these conditions remains unfulfilled the vendor will not accept the warranty claim.

Address for warranty purposes:
Adporto s.r.o.
Syrovátka 156
503 27 Syrovátka
Czech Republic

phone: +420 730 854 506

mail: info@kibibabycarrier.eu


Contact us for other possible way (depending on the country we usualy provide return address with return code via Packeta).

It is required to send the original invoice. We advise that the product is sent in its original packaging with all additional items such as instruction manuals, CD’s or other accessories. It is in your own interest to send the product as an insured package with a receipt.
The vendor will provide you with a warranty protocol stating when the warranty was requested, its purpose and the buyer’s preferred solution. The protocol will also contain information about all repairs made to the product and the date of the repairs, or a written statement of the reasons for the refusal of warranty repairs.

*By mutual agreement, replacement may be provided to the buyer for the duration of the repair, if this is possible on the seller's side. This service may be provided but not required.

Warranty deadlines
The warranty should be dealt with as soon as possible, at the latest by 30 days after its receipt by the seller. In case it is not dealt with within 30 days the buyer will have the same rights as if the fault with the product is irreparable.
The warranty period is prolonged for the time the product spent in warranty repair. The seller must provide the buyer with a written summary of the repairs made to the product. If the warranty is deemed valid the buyer is entitled to reimbursement of necessary payments connected to the warranty proceedings (namely costs of posting the product back to the seller containing limit 12 EUR). The buyer is entitled to the same reimbursement in case of withdrawing from the contract due to fault with the product. The costs connected to the delivery of the product to the buyer after the warranty repairs are paid for by the seller.

Final provisions

Adporto s.r.o., the owner of the e-shop www.kibibabycarrier.eu, is entitled according to the bill No. 121/2000 Sb (the author law) to exercise author’s legal rights in connection to this website.
These terms and conditions are publicly available on www.kibibabycarrier.eu. The buyer can freely download them, copy them and print them out. Terms and conditions apply in the form they were published on www.kibibabycarrier.eu on the day the product was electronically ordered. The act of sending an electronic order by the buyer is at the same time a confirmation that the buyer has read the terms and conditions and agrees with them.
The costs of communication media such as telephone or internet connection rest on the buyer.
The order is a draft of a purchase contract. The purchase contract itself is concluded upon the delivery of a confirmation email from the seller to the buyer which is automatically sent upon the receipt of the order. From this moment on there is a legal bond between the buyer and the seller as stipulated in the terms and conditions.


Privacy Policy

You may use this website without us collecting any of your personal data, unless you actively provide your details for the purpose of entering or completing a contract, opening a customer account or establishing further contact. We collect only minimum data to be able execute your order and ship to your adress. This this includes your name, postal or e-mail addresses, phone number and the details submitted on the order form. We never sell or pass on your personal details to any other organisation.
Your private data is only used according to the Czech law. We are registered in czech ÚOOÚ -- Personal data drotection state office.
You are always authorised to check, to correct, to block, or to delete your personal data. Please send us your requests on info@kibibabycarrier.eu.
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The KiBi baby carrier is an aid for baby carrying and not a substitute for the constant attention of the parent or carrier. Please read the instruction booklet carefully before using the KiBi baby carrier. Use your common sense when using it. Do not undertake any activities such as, but not limited to, riding or cycling, inline skating, horse riding etc. while babywearing. Do not cook or undertake any activities where your child is exposed to extreme heat or dangerous implements while in the carrier. Be aware of your child in the carrier. When first using the carrier, it is advisable to have another adult on hand until you feel confident or control right position in the mirror. Please inspect your carrier carefully before each use and don´t use it if there is any damage.


All conditions of use are governed by the laws of Czech republic.